Sunday, June 17, 2007

Summit Camp, Greenland

Today is Sunday. We have been packing since early this morning, and will continue late into the evening. Strange, even with no night, we still breakdown the day into morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Actually, some preliminary packing occurred last night. Equipment has to be broken down, packaged, packed, and palletized. Pallets have specific restrictions as to size. I know the C-130s are strong airplanes. They are used to move tanks, but all the weight of these pallets seems overwhelming. Apparently, it is not.

It is not a fun day. The work can be grueling. In general, I don't think I really like Sunday's at Summit. I miss the gathering together of people at meal time. The food is good here, but it is the communal, talking time I miss. Sunday is the day that the staff is off. Heaven knows, they have earned it.

Hopefully, by lunch tomorrow, we will be done packing. Then, time for a last walk or chat. No pictures today. Things are packed up. Strangely, I am not quite ready to leave here, but I am ready to go home. It is hard to reconcile these two feelings. It is beautiful here, but not a place I would want to spend my lifetime. I need an environment more with more variety. However, I doubt I will ever be by this way again. So, I want to soak up as much as possible. No melancholy, just tired.

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